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中文道:不积跬步,无以至千里;英文里说:Small steps get us to faraway places——在习惯的养成问题上是没有文化差异的。

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今天,本文就为大家分享由斯坦福大学学者研究的25个微小习惯,以及另5个和英语学习相关的specific habits that create big changes in behavior。

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一、与身体条件改善相关的(For better physical health)


每天早上喝一杯白开水,to flush the toxins(flush:冲掉;toxin:毒素),也把自己叫醒。

1. Day 1: China and the world.
China is a port of world, she has long history, there are 1.3 billion people live in China, also there are lots of beautiful places. For example, Xi'an. I recommend you to go to Xi'an to see the city. Lots of delicious foods like noodles you'll love it, also lots of beautiful views like Hua mountain one of WuYue you'll like, also “Terracotta Warriors” is good to see.
Also world need China. China can give power to growth world economic.

如果有车,尽量把它停在离家门远的地方:A longer stroll(散步)might be more effective than a vigorous work-out。

2. Day 2: Your experience that helping others.
Today I learnt "micro habit" from a double-0 7 classmate. I will share you a link about it.
It's not my experience that helping others, but others experience that helped me.


3. Day 3: Talk some details of about your habit
I think habit changed our life. For example, I have a habit that sleep early, then I wake up early, so I have energy to do everything I want.
I like hot shower, not cold shower, even I think cold shower is better to our health than cold.

每隔一小时起来伸伸胳膊和懒腰,长时间久坐(sitting for extended period of time)对身体和大脑都不好。

4. Day 4: What's your dream of learning English?
My dream that learning English is someday I can go to USA to see Michael Jordan who let me love basketball. I have played basketball about 22 years. It's my biggest interesting.
Also I think my goal of learning English is just use to communicate with others.


Also today I learnt we should a dream there as our long term goal for learning English.
We should have a short term goal like can hear English from others.
Also we should have a everyday term like speak English.

二、与心理素质提升相关的(For better mental health)

5. Day 5: education.
I think education is important to us. Through education we can get knowledge, skills, thinking to get our life better.
Also education is important to our country, it makes China stronger.
Education is import to the world, it makes the world better.
Also it is important to human, let human improve.


6. Day 6: recommend a movie.
I recommend 《Shawshank redemption》to you. The main characters Andy entered into Shawshank because murder his wife, even he didn't murder his wife and her lover. He lived in the prison about 19 years, but he never give his dream and hope. Not like Brooks, Red a friend of him. In the prison he help lots of cellmates, get them study new knowledge、skills.

在自己的办公桌或者书房放一些和艺术相关的小物件,just keep them out in reach,让它们在你漫不经心时提供灵感。

Get busy living, or get busy dying, he take his hope finally broke prison to go to Pacific Ocean to live happily with Red who believed hope by Andy.


7. Start your business. (创业)
It's a hot topic recently. I think if we want to start our business we should have economic base, have friends, have other resources. Some days before I heard a big VIP said we can start our business with our classmates, colleagues, hometown people and friends.

睡前在枕边的笔记本里快速记下what’s on your mind,不必整理。研究表明这可以减轻焦虑和沮丧(depression)。

I think the first area we can start our business is the area we familiar with. The second area we can start is related to our familiar. The third area is do something others didn't thought, but most of things you thought, others also. And also we can start our business from our work. we can because a CEO, COO, CXO of ourselves.

准备一些只给自己说的话,可能很短,但却是治愈性的,like“I’m not alone”,或者“This too shall pass”。

8. What's your favorite thing in your spare time?

三、用来提高工作效率的(For better productivity and work)

I like reading and traveling because I can meet the different thing and people.

I like playing badminton(羽毛球). On the one hand, it can make my body strong, and on the other hand, it can keep me fit and it's important to me. I like it.

I like Kongfu.

成为自己的英雄:想象你的偶像在遇到同样困难时会怎样做,然后把它移植为自己也能做的暗示,to remove the self-doubt and negative self-talk。

My favorite thing in my spare time is to play basketball. Michael Jordan get me loved basketball. At the weekend, I always spend some hours to play basketball. It make me happy, also I can see all my basketball friends and other new guys like playing basketball.


9 Why you learn English? (2017-08-25)
I think just because I wanna communicate with other guys!
Using english, you can speak to others.
Using english, you can read english books.
Using english, you can write english to communicate with others who write english.
Using english, you can know others who speak english.
So I learn english.


10. If you are a team leader, how you get team works better please? (2017-08-26)

对于机会和邀请,不要试着快速给出答复,use the calendar to set your priority。

From Mark:

Visualize your career goals 5 minutes every day,每天花5分钟检视行为和事业目标的偏差。

  1. First for myself: I think I should join some professional training to get the knowledge of leadship.
  2. Second for the team I have three things to do:
    . First, make a very clear target and it should be meet the requirements of SMART.
    . The second to build a platform to help every member to archive his or her performance.
    . Third, encourage our team members when they meet trouble and provide necessary resource in need.
    Give a people suitable position and role, and it can make the team more efficiently.
    Don't let team member can not make decision.
    The big difference between team leader and the team member:
    the team leader should try to let team members do things themselves, but NOT himself, even the leader know how to do that.

四、用来改善关系的(For better relationships)

From Minal:


Make use of everybody's advantages.
Encourage them to make your source abilities
The feature of the team, which goals we should archive, also to know all the members in the team.
Encourage my team members to go outside to contact with many people and experts in our field.
Team members can learn from leader.

每周写一个thank-you note给一位重要他人,电子的也好,纸写的也罢,重要的是可以lessen (减缓)the fear in your life。

From Qiu:


Let team members admire the leader, the leader should be a idol of team members like XiaoLai Lee.
Improve leader's skills.
Take care of team member.
If you are a team member you can learn from your team leader. If the leader is right, learn from it, if he is wrong, also learn to avoiding his wrong thing.

给出答复前停顿一下,多几秒听别人说,也想想自己的答案,5秒就够了:It gives you time to weighyour attitude and words(to weigh:权衡)。

In my opinion I think:


  1. Firstly we should have a clear goal.
  2. Secondly, we should have a rule to manager our team.
  3. Third, we should have a plan or schedule to archive our goal, and let every one know it.
  4. Trust our team member.
  5. Encourage our team member to get the goal done by get them necessary resources.
  6. Give team member space to make decision and innovation.
  7. Closely communicate with each team member.
  8. Make use of everybody advantage.
  9. Frequently check if we at the right direction, and make some changes to let we are in the right way.

五、用来改善社区和环境的(For a better community and environment)

11. How to make a perfect public speaking? (2017-08-27)
I have three points.
The first you should have a prepare for your public speaking.
The second you should have make a practice frequently.
The third you should make your speaking a clear point.


From Samny:
Tell the audience the key thoughts.
Tell the reason of the key thoughts, give some examples of it.
Inspire audience and also make them laugh by saying some humor story.
From Minal:
Know your audience.
Can start your speaking with a story.


From mark:
Clear point.
make your speaking humor & interesting.

买些二手货(buy used),其实是花点心思思考消费对环境的影响。

11. Love (2017-08-28)
I think love is the best and wonderful thing in the world.
Whatever we do anything, for example, we work, we study, we any other things all because love.
You may work in a company or some place, you earn money for your family, it caused love.
If you are a student, you study hard to grow up yourself, it's always because you love your family, you love your parents.
If you do some housework, you always because you want to your family well.
you want make some food for your family to eat.
If without love, I can't think the world will be become.
So I think love is the amazing thing in the world, it make ourselves, our family and our country better.
At last I wish you guys have a good Valentine's day.
Thank you very much.

存点小钱用来捐赠(Set aside money for giving:set aside-放一边):被需要的感觉真好

12. How to improve your English if you want to learn oral English? (2017-08-29)
I think we can use some app to help us, e.g. 百日斩...
Also we can say something everyday just like in 007 english corner.


13. "did you buy a drawing from 'The gallery of children' yesterday ?What's your opinion about this phenomenon?" (2017-08-30)
I don't know what's drawing of "the gallery of children", but when I heard from Minal I think it is a kind of love like the topic we said before. From it, can see Tencent is a valuable company, and valuable we or our family or friends to work in.

六、用来提高英语的(For English improvement)

14. What's your favorite song? How long can you listen to it? again and again. Has it a story behind the song? (2017-08-31)

每周提前问自己:What do I want to learn this week?,可以明确学习的重心——what is most important to you。

My favorite song is 《Miracle》from Celine Dion. She sang the song caused her baby just was born. Every I heard this song I cry.

睡前回顾新知识:Just a glance at what you’re working on at the moment,只是飞快浏览大脑就能在睡着之后自动加工。

Also I like some songs from Beyond, e.g. 《光辉岁月》《海阔天空》《真的爱你》《喜欢你》.
Also I like some songs from Jacky Cheung, like 《吻别》、《想要和你去吹吹风》、《一路上有你》.
Also like some songs from 周华健、张雨生、韩红、崔健.
Also like some songs from music team, e.g. 动力火车、零点乐队.
I never forget that when we need left school, we sang some songs together with crying.
I think music is also the best and wonderful thing like love in the world.

独自一人的时候把英语说出来(speak English aloud)、把段落读出来。

15. How to read a book? (2017-09-01)
I think we should see the preface and outline of a book to see if the book is what we want.
If the book is a tool book, we just find the contents we interest in. If the book relevant to our area we should read it step by step.
We need write the key ideas on our notebook when reading, and also make some flags on the book for next reading.
Typically we need have a knowledge framework to get new knowledge hung on to. Just like Elon Musk said:

听力的练习一周可分为4次,每次只需5-10分钟而不是一次两小时:If you start off slowly and listen often, it will be easier to develop the habit of listening to English on a regular basis。

I think most people can learn more than they think they can, they sell themselves short without trying. One bit of advantage: It's important to view knowledge as a sort of semantic tree. Make sure you understand the fundamental principle, e.g. the trunk and the branches, before you get the details/leaves, or there is nothing for them to hung on to.
We also can use barbell rule to read some other book to get serendipity. After write your ideas get from reading, you can share it to your friends using WeChat Official Account or JianShu, then you can get more friends and links from them, they will also give you more thoughts to rich your ideas.

真实场景练习:还是在真实生活中尽量encounter the chances,实在没有就多网上听英语新闻、逛英语论坛,邮件中尽量使用英语。

So book is a great thing to let we happy and make life great!


16. Talk about your opinion of the word confidence ( 2017-09-02 )
We can get a thing done, so we do the second thing done, get the third thing done... Use this method we can get our confidence.

Even we do some thing failed, we can also learn from it, then next time we can get thing done and create our confidence.


Just like Mark said, you can speak english LOUDLY like LiYang said in 《crazy english》, then your can also can get your confidence.


You must remember that a thing you did great, you can forget it, then use the same method of that thing, then you can do other thing well by your confidence.


17. Your habits.(2017-09-03)
I'm trying to finish everyday oral english at the morning. And also try to sleep early everyday night.

But now my attention gets split and involved in something, so I can't sleep early, I need try to change myself to get sleeping early everyday.

555彩票官网首页,18. Recommend a book. ( 2017-09-04)
I recommend "Poor Charlie's almanack" to you. It's a book related to investment of Charlie Thomas Munger. The book has two parts, the first part is Munger's private books and the second part is three public speech of Munger. It works published by CITIC press group.

The books name in english is "The Wit and wisdom of Charles T. Munger"

Qiu: 晨间日记本的奇迹 - The miracle of morning diary. (英语流利说:直播)

Sunny: Family Album U.S.A (走遍美国)

Mark: Four famous Chinese Novels. Especial 《The Dream of the Red Chamber》

19. How to be a excellent worker? (2017-09-05)
First you need love your work, so you will do your best to do the work.
We need learn knowledge and skills for our work.
We can think we work for ourselves, just not work for your boss, in the work, we can get money, get growth, and also we can make friends with our colleagues.
As you know, by work you can make life better and happy.

20. what kind of person will you want to be after server years? ( 7 years is one life) (2017-09-06)
I wanna be a rich man on life and leadership.
If I can make my leadship better, I can do more things with some guys together, when we get the things done, we will ALL happy and more trust each other, so can further do more things well.
If I can rich on life, my family, me will be easy to do other things interested on, also will be more freely to choice what things to do, so we can life more freedom.

21. How to arrange your energy? (2017-09-07)
I agree with Mark that, we have limited energy. So we need arrange it to the most important things. The most important thing to me I think is health. Base on that we can do other things well. We can spend enough time to have good sleep, have some exercise, and have good foods to make us health. Everyday we can write the important things to do on our notebook, so we split our energy on them. With it, step by step, we can get our things done, and so time by time, we can get our goals archived.

22. What will you plan to do on national day? (2017-09-08)
I will go back home to see my family, see my wife and daughter. I have not been see them for about two months.
Many people in 007 group will go to XinJiang to travel. But I should say that we should go to see beautiful place before or later than the common leisure time. Because in China, we all have same common leisure time, so it's a bad idea to go out at the common leisure time.

23. What are you going to do to relieve and enjoy yourself when you are under enormous pressure or feel depressed? (2017-09-09)
I think we can do the thing let us happy. For example, eat some delicious foods, listen some wonderful music or songs, or do exercise like playing basketball.
When I am tried or under express, I always like some great music, i.e. Celine Dion's songs. For example, 《My heart will go on》、《Miracle》etc... Or I will eat some delicious foods like Apple, bananas, milk. Also sometimes I play basketball with friends or other guys, when I playing it, I forget everything but ONLY basketball, after that I relaxed myself.

So the key to make us relax is to translate our attention to other things we love.

24.which season do you like best?why? this is us topic. (2017-09-10)
I like Spring most. Because in Spring, everything begin to growth. And also we make our new hope in this season.
The second I like Autumn, because we get our result in this season.
Not like Winter, we can go out to do more exercise, work, playing basketball, or do other things. Also in Summer is too hot to do things.

Even so, It's good there are four seasons, so we can compare with them each other, and know why I like Spring. I have not been to South China, I wonder If some time I go to South China, I wanna go to KunMing for some days to see the difference of Spring between North China and South China. I can imagine that I will like Winter in North China, because we have more time stay together in a warm family house, it's best thing of us.

25. If you have enough money, what will you like to do?(2017-09-11)
If I have enough money, firstly I will save a part of them to bank. Second, I'll buy something needed. Third, I'll take a part of them to do investment.